Flowers Growing Through The Concrete

we are flowers growing through the concrete

We are flowers growing through the concrete. No matter the hardships we face, we keep the faith and get through! Not just for us, but also for those ones around us.We are flowers growing through the concrete! They tried to remind us of our past, thinking we were running from it, only to find out we had accepted our mistakes. Our scars were lessons! We Are Flowers Growing Through The Concrete! When everyone impatiently waited for their turn, we sat silently embracing each burn. We kept still burning with purpose! Derrick Karanja.


we are flowers growing through the concrete

This project was inspired by the above poem. My wifey Cece Sagini and her best friend  Sara Karay had bugged me foe a while to do a best friends photo shoot. Let’s just say, I had no choice in this matter but to indulge. I always enjoy shooting my wife and this would be the first time I would be shooting Sara. I took advantage of their concept and I tried to bring out the concept of young women who had endured a lot in their past but they still chose to be strong and live their dreams. We did the shoot in Delta towers Nairobi. The guards were nice enough to let us shoot, the outfits were made by Sara Karay.


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